About Us

Hey Y'all,

Yes, we are from the Lone Star State! We live in a small town in the Texas Panhandle and love the outdoor lifestyle. Lighthouse Dwellers was an idea we had been discussing for quite some time and tossing around different ideas to make it work. The name actually comes from one of our favorite hiking trails where we live. We debated on creating our own retail store or brand that would represent us well. As you can see, we decided to do create a brand that embodies everything we love to do! We're not your typical online outdoor brand. If you follow us on social media, you know we are all about outdoor sports for summer and winter. With Lighthouse Dwellers, we only want to offer the things we use in our adventures and the things we represent as a family. We are teaming up with various retail stores across America and have special products, discount codes, special events and even exclusive designs for in store shopping. We want to keep our Lighthouse gear super fresh and functional. We promise to always keep it real with y'all and put every product to the test before we sell to you. If we do not find value or functionality in a product, we will not sell it online or in retail partners stores. We hope that y'all stick around and thank you for following our journey! As always, we will be the Lighthouse for all the ones that love to Dwell in outdoor sports.


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